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Estate and Probate Sales Selling an Inherited Property

Selling Inherited Property

Preparing to Sell an Inherited House or a Probate Home in Florida

Are you concerned about making informed decisions with the property you've inherited? Selling real estate that you or multiple people have inherited is a multifaceted process that can pose challenges even to a seasoned real estate professional. This is especially true for someone who has suddenly assumed responsibility for disposing of an estate and all of its contents.

Listing an inherited home, much like selling a home under normal circumstances, has its unique challenges. Once the property is available for sale, we stand ready to provide guidance and assistance in getting the house on the market and procuring a buyer for the property. We will market the property deploying all of our resources while handling negotiations and paperwork from offer through settlement.

Simplifying a Probate Sale

We Simplify the Process From Clean Out to Closing

Our team of licensed real estate professionals can help you proceed through the responsibilities of selling an inherited home, advising you on services, repairs, and upgrades that may be necessary to get the house sold in the shortest time and for the best possible price. As your representative, we will:

  • Work with your attorney, executor, personal representative, or "go-to" person
  • Provide property valuation, market condition, and pricing reports
  • Assist with home inspections, clean out services, and ongoing maintenance
  • Recommend contractors for property repairs or improvements

Whether you are an appointed personal representative, executor/executrix, or attorney that has been retained by the estate (or appointed by the court), we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, no obligation.