Eric Slifkin, Team Lead
Stuart Florida Real Estate

Ready to Sell? We Can Make it Happen!

We are a team of regional, tech-savvy Realtors based in Stuart, Florida. Eric Slifkin is the team's founder and listing specialist. Eric works with his team to implement the best marketing and pricing strategies for our clients' homes.

As a technology-driven company, we don't rely on door hangers, refrigerator magnets, calendars, postcards, or mailings; instead, we use content marketing to tell your home's story. Our listings are featured on websites, blogs, and Social Media platforms all across the web, ensuring buyers see your home and everything it has to offer, 24/7. 

The team's support group includes lenders, insurance agents, investors, iBuyers, and other service providers who help manage all of the details required to complete your sale. Together we work to provide all the resources necessary for a successful transaction.

Eric's philosophy about real estate is that we are here to help a buyer and seller find each other and complete a transaction with a minimum of stress. As advocates for our clients, our mission is to obtain the best possible price, terms, and conditions for you while arriving at a win-win agreement for both parties.