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Things to Consider When Searching for a Home

Your Search Criteria

While there are no perfect homes, you are ultimately responsible for deciding what essential features you require. Here are a few questions to consider as you compile your wish list:

  • What type of home interests you? (Single-family, townhouse, condo, duplex)
  • Are schools a factor?
  • Do you need to be close to public transportation?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want or need?

Find a new place that will truly feel like home to you. Give us a call today, and we can set you up for listing alerts that can help you keep track of new properties that come on the market that meet your criteria.

Building Your Wish List

You've started your search, but do you know in detail what type of home you are seeking? There are so many choices that it is vital to have an idea of what you want and need before you begin looking. Consider making a checklist of amenities that are essential and those you would like to have in your new home. Here are several things to consider when you are ready to purchase.

  • What neighborhood(s) do you prefer?
  • What price range do you have in mind?
  • What other interior or exterior features are important to you?

Please feel free to email or call us at any time to learn more about specific areas that interest you. We are happy to help you with your research and can give you an up-to-date snapshot of our local real estate market.

The Benefits of Pre-Approval

Pre-approval, as opposed to pre-qualification, signifies that the loan application has been taken through a rigorous procedure. Here's why pre-approved buyers are ahead in the home buying game: If you make an offer on a home and then apply for a loan, you are at the lender's mercy, who is aware that you do not have time to shop around.

Pre-approval saves time spent looking at houses you can't afford. A pre-approval letter from a lender gives you an edge when multiple offers have been made on a house. Pre-approved buyers can generally close escrow more quickly since most of the work has already been done.